The folk hero is a mission in The Witcher 3, i beg your pardon you will encounter in the Blood and also Wine supplement. Wild hunting does not threaten us anymore, which means we deserve to do less worldwide things.

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Where to get the pursuit task

You can uncover the search on the order plank in Bokler, because that example, the one on the key market. From an ad on the stimulate board, Geralt learns about the visibility of the nationwide hero Tussent. Plenty of countries have such famed personalities and the wine an ar is no exception. Citizens of this an ar praise the hero Reginald. That is this hero simply was no - and also a poet, and also a skilled swordsman, a hero-lover. In addition, he to be the architect who designed Tussent’s capital, Bockler.

Well, where is the national hero there is no his very own statue. And with it, and also there were part problems. After reading the notice on the board, we go to the curator of the exhibition on which this frostbite is located.

Walkthrough of the quest Goodness, Gracious, good Balls that Granite

Let's look in ~ the detailed quest.

Going come the curator that the exhibition, we discover several outraged visitors. Lock complain the they purchase tickets, and also did not gain to the exhibition. The curator reassuring them, assuring that their tickets room still valid, and also they can acquire there as soon as the exhibition resumes.


The curator will ask united state for aid and instead of explaining the case, he will say the it will be easier to show. Once behind the closed doors the the exhibition, we watch the very famous statue.

What is the crime? together it turn out, in the morning the this day, someone regulated to stealing Reginald's an individual belongings.


They were not simple, however gold. Simply kidding, the course, yet according to the legend, the eggs had actually a miracle property: those who touch castle will get incredible love power. In addition, the statue, choose the eggs themselves, were cast from the Reginald itself and also without this city sights exhibition, and also the totality tourism that Bokler will suffer greatly.

Over the years, the witcher has seen numerous strange orders, and also this stimulate is clearly in the height of the many unusual. Having actually promised come the curator come understand, we start the investigate of the statue. Immediately it becomes clear that personal belongings to be sawed off. A autumn of blood is discovered at the foot that the statue.


It looks like our thief was in a hurry and also cut himself throughout the castration the the statue. And also after walking a small further we check out the an extremely weapon that crime - the diamond cutter, i beg your pardon the villain just threw far nearby.


Opposite the vase with pink flower you can uncover a item of cloak, i beg your pardon is our main evidence.


The owner the the raincoat was greatly scented with cologne, so we can easily track the by smell. Turn on witch's flair and collection off top top the trail.


Sometimes it will disappear or become imperceptible due to the fact that of a huge number of people, so simply stop, rotate on your wit’s intuition when again and see wherein it leads.


At the end of the trace we will certainly be at the close up door door, since of i m sorry violent moans space heard. It appears that the magic power of Reginald is working, and also the thief immediately got down to business.

Interesting fact. If you have a console installed in the video game (using a mod, because that example), climate by turning on the cost-free camera mode, you will have the ability to look behind the door without moving through the quest. And behind the door you will see exactly what this sounds room from. It i do not care clear the the developers have taken treatment of specifically curious players and made one erotic step that deserve to only be seen utilizing the console.

After listening the groans tumble into the residence right in the center of the fun and also find one aged females in the company of a young girl. Zhyus (our hero-lover) will automatically begin to justify himself prior to Geralt, since Rosalind's husband (the girl who immediately covered herself through a towel). However, Rosalind will immediately tell Jus that this is no her husband.

Grandpa will automatically grow bolder and also begin come resent the reality that a stranger damaged into his house. But Geralt conveniently calmed that by stating the statue of Reginald de Obret and the missing personal belongings.


As in the Brazilian drama, right in the middle of the conversation, Rosalind's husband will appear, detect the whole agency together. Oshalev indigenous the figure of a naked mam in the firm of two men, he will certainly say that he might possibly forgive one, however two is a bust. Having come to be enraged, the knight will rush on the witcher with his fists, providing us the choice to use Aksy or deal with the instance with his fists.

For Aksy, we, together usual, will get some experience.


No matter exactly how we deal with the knight, after that he will certainly leave the house, and we will go back to talking about the statue. Grief-lover will say thanks to us for saving us from an evil husband, and also it is recognized that yes, it was he that stole Reginald's eggs. And also he will certainly assure the they actually have magical power - this day they currently had 3 times! and also this is more than in the last 10 years. No matter how the old male rejoices in ~ the return that youth, we need to return the eggs.

The Witcher 3 pursuit Goodness, Gracious, great Balls of Granite - Choices and also consequences

Agree to leave the stolen grandpa for a fee. For this you require to choose a replica “Going” and also for Jus provides us 50 kroner. The old guy will promise the in a week that will offer us the very same amount that money. Having completed the dialogue, we will discover ourselves behind the door, due to the fact that of i beg your pardon the exact same sounds will be heard. It appears that our lovers perform not waste time in vain. Now we are returning come the curator that the exhibition and also reporting the sad news around the lose of the genitals. If you desire to complete the task right now, then usage meditation come waste 7 days and go back to the aged ladies' man. Returning to the home of Jusse ~ above the note on the door, we learn that he died. Might not stand heart in old age. Self-suggestion around magical powers, of course, a strong thing, but someone just overestimated their capabilities. Near the door the the residence Rosalind will certainly weep inconsolably.The third option, as for me, is the best. Selecting “I can lend them to you” us leave the old guy to have actually fun one more day and also agree come come in precisely one day. Coming the end of the house, we will again listen those “oohs” and “ahs” from behind the door. Day have the right to be conveniently rewind with the help of meditation. Return to the old man, we learn that Zhus himself is already happy to provide us ago the manhood the the statue. Of course, the likes to feel the youth, yet for the last time he currently grabbed his heart, and in general he has no stamin left. Having wished good luck come the old man, we go back to the curator and then everything is the exact same as in the second version. Together a reward, a statuette is given, and also after a dubious ritual, Geralt will receive a stamina buff.


Attention. By completing this task, girlfriend can finish one the the subparagraphs of the pursuit “Path that destination”. Returning to the curator of the statue's genitals, the sub-item “to present honor” will certainly be fulfilled. And if you leave Reginald's eggs to the old man, the subparagraph "to present sympathy" will certainly be reckoned..

Where to placed Reginald's figure?

The figure received together a reward because that the task is a item of furniture. After ~ you do repairs to her estate in Corvo Bianco, a statue that Reginald in miniature might be inserted at the enntrance gate to the wine cellar.

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A pest that can be discovered during the walkthrough that The Witcher 3 - Goodness, Gracious, great Balls the Granite

Some players complained the the evidence near the frosting (a fall of blood, cloak and also cutter) fail under the texture. And also because that this, the was difficult to speak to them. If you encounter such, climate well inspect the fence v flowers to the left that the statue. Also if a piece of cloak dropped through, his shred can still be what on the fence. Examining it, the quest have the right to be continued. If you execute not uncover anything, friend will have to ship before you speak to the curator.