A great witcher will absolutely need the best armor and perfect weapons in order come hack in ~ monsters and also fulfill contracts without any type of problems. Unfortunately, Geralt himself cannot create a weapon; he deserve to only fix it if he finds the vital set. Where to forge a workshop equipment?

There space two craftsmen in the video game who are engaged in this (there is likewise a smith-grandmaster, yet you will satisfy him at the very end of the second significant addition). The understand bronzer is located in Velen, in Crow's Perch, the lock of the Bloody Baron. However the understand gunsmith is in Novigrad, and in this overview we will learn how to “unlock” him.

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The chance to make workshop swords shows up after perfect the “Swords and dumplings” task, which can be derived upon come in Novigrad. The job is designed because that level 24, and if you go to carry out it in little lvlah, you will hardly get any experience, and maybe you will not pass at all, because there will need to fight. So I advise you very first to pump up, at least up come level 20, and also then only take it together a task. Let's gain to the point.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, pursuit “Swords and dumplings” - Walkthrough

The task does not show up automatically and it can not be found on the bulletin board. To obtain the quest, ask blacksmiths in Velen and Novigrad if lock can create master weapons, and also if not, that can. However you have the right to do also easier and just run to the best place, shown on the map.


When you reach the master smith that Éibhear Hattori, girlfriend will find a dispute in between two men around the fact that the blacksmith refuses to fix his own weapon, although the did guarantee quality. And he, you see, is now involved only in molding vareniki, and also the repair does no interest him. Going into the building, us will uncover the elf in ~ the an extremely same occupation - modeling vareniki.

During a conversation v a former blacksmith, he automatically recognizes the Witcher in Geralt from 2 swords v a silver- edging behind his back, which the White Wolf will be an extremely surprised at. Native the conversation it will become clear that before you is a professional blacksmith who, for some reason, retired and also engaged in cooking. He will definitely have the ability to forge masterful weapons, if he returns to the ranks.

In the dialogue, you will even have the chance to shot Hattori’s concoction and praise her, and also then questioning if he can build a great sword for the witcher. Here we discover out why the blacksmith exit his work. Not lengthy ago, the whole Kuznetsk industry in Novigrad was taken under his wing by serious van Hoorn, who has an excellent connections v Tesak, one of the leaders of the criminal civilization in Novigrad. His people assist restrain the disgruntled and do not allow other smiths to perform their work. Therefore, the elf had to retrain together a cook, prepare the redan dumplings.

All those that disobeyed ernst were punished. Or beaten, or intimidated, or do disabled. Hattori, as an elf, would certainly be threatened with execution if he ongoing to proceed to engage in blacksmithing (thanks to racism, fairly bad civilization in Novigrad and the situation). Despite the threats, Hattori might not completely abandon his favourite activity, as evidenced by his basement, which still had actually billets, armor and also weapons native times gone by.


The elf has not lost hope, so he will certainly ask Geralt because that help. Just go with him to fulfill with the civilization of the King that Beggars and arrange for the supply of materials. Geralt will certainly only have to attend the meeting as a support and also bodyguard. Together a reward for the assignment, the armorer promised to build a good sword personally for Geralt. Of course, us agree.


Go come the designated place, concentrating on the brand on the map.

Possible bugs - Hattori does no appear

Running to the designated place, meditate till dark. Just sunset is not suitable, we must still squander a few hours ahead.


Attention! A known an insect in i m sorry Hattori walk not appear in the designated location. Hattori is gone and that's it. Do not sirloin to panic and load the preservation, shot to meditate an additional day till 6 afternoon the following day, and then meditate for 1 hour and also check whether it appeared or not. If not, you'll need to log in prior to talking to him.

Having seen you, the blacksmith will immediately call the witcher and also will market to go to negotiations through the bandits. The leader the the gang, Tin, will sell the blacksmith the most unfair problems - 50% that all revenue the blacksmith will give them.


We room not satisfied with this option, for this reason we pick the option “At a bargain”, after that “Still a lot”, and when we need to easily select response option, we answer “No, no, no”. The gangster will have nothing left but to expropriate our offer and .... Tesac civilization will appear on this exorbitant note. The Dwarf will not favor the reality that miscellaneous is happening on their territory, therefore a scuffle will certainly begin. If you came 20+ level, then difficulties should arise. Usage the toxicity of the hanged man, Quen for protection and also Aksiy to go into one the the opponents into a stupor and immediately beat.

Hattori lost - wherein to look for a blacksmith

After the gangster clashes, the blacksmith, no accustomed come bloodshed, will automatically run away. We'll need to run after ~ him and also speak again in the blacksmith's shop, a master of dumplings. Hattori is afraid and also refuses to connect in the craft until he has actually security, even though we have currently agreed ~ above the supply of goods. Yet he has one guard in mind who can administer a an excellent “roof.” His friend’s name is Sukrus and also Skellige, and also Hattori self cannot questioning him for help, since they space in a quarrel, so he sends out Geralt.


Where to find Sukrus

You can uncover Sukrus in “The golden Sturgeon”, where he likes to invest time. Running up to the tavern, you will view a cut-scene, in which two men mutuit each various other with your fists. Geralt will shot to uncover out what is happening here, and also who amongst them is Sucrus, how he will strike the witcher through his fists. Again, if friend went at the very least 20+ level and currently have hand-to-hand combat experience, then there must be no problems.

After the fight, the Skellig hero recognizes his brother as a witch and also offers to drink. At the table we find out the reason for the quarrel in between two guys near the bar: Sukrus quarreled v his son-in-law because he compelled Sukrus to bring honey through Skellige, however he did no pay because that it. He didn’t mind turning a hattori guard, however only after ~ we deal with his current problem, namely, we will sway his son-in-law come return the promised money.

We run on the ships to acquire to his son-in and talk to him. If girlfriend pump Aksiy approximately level 2, then you can use it in the dialogue, and the trick is in the bag. This is the most basic solution to the problem, besides, you will certainly get added experience.


How to ruin a product

If not, girlfriend will have actually to damage the goods lugged from Skelliga. Burning products is not the best solution, it is enough to rest the barrels v Aard. Sorry honey, that course, but otherwise nothing. To do this, walk to the barrels that space on the ship, and zhahnut end them. The vendor will operation away, but the local team will strike the witcher. Having dealt with them, we go back to the customer. If Sukrus disappeared and he is not in place, meditate for a couple of hours, after which he should appear.

Whatever means you perform not use, the order is executed, which means Sucrus will currently take end the security of the legendary blacksmith. Go earlier to Hattori, and also there will certainly be defense guard close to the door. And, like, whatever is settled, you can go earlier to work, yet no. The elf quiet lacks raw materials, which ernst van Hoorn bought out cheaply, taking advantage of the reality that he had actually no rivals left. Carry out nothing, us go to attend to it.


For the return that materials, we will need to obtain into the warehouse of van Hoorn and mark the boxes that smell prefer ammonia. Sucrus would not cope v this, because he has a really bad feeling of smell, unequal the Witcher mutant. ~ this, the world of Sukrus will certainly arrive in time and also pull the crucial chests out of the warehouse.

On the approach to the repository, us will satisfy with the guard: the red men and also the currently familiar son-in-law that Sukrus. He instantly recognizes the witcher and also warns the brief man to be on the alert. However the dwarf will dismiss warnings and also ask Geralt why he came.


How to acquire to the warehouse

Pay the security guard 200 CZK and send greetings indigenous Yarpen Zigrin (a personality you can meet in Witcher 2: The Killer the Kings, a monster hunter and also a good White wolf comrade).

Now you need to discover the merchant's product through the bright odor of ammonia and also mark it through a cross for the world of Sukrus. We cut in witch's flair and begin to search the warehouse.

The very first box can be uncovered in the far corner of the warehouse.


The second box is located directly opposite the first, only at the other wall of the warehouse.


The third box is more tough to notice because of the cage that hides the smell, yet it is located in the facility of the warehouse.


Having significant all three, us leave the premises and also immediately come throughout a cut-scene. Geralt and the safety will fulfill Ernst valve Hoorn through his retinue, and believe me, he will certainly be really unhappy with what is happening. Around the theft native the warehouse, the learned indigenous the same son-in-law the Surkus, who saw the witcher in ~ the entrance. However after see his relative, the bad fellow will immediately take ours side throughout the scuffle. A conversation will show up with several remarks - choose any, after that a hit will start anyway.

It provides no feeling to death Ernst, due to the fact that he will not autumn out that loot. Attend to his retinue and also the trick is in the hat. You will certainly be assisted by a couple of relatives and also their people, therefore the fight should be easy. ~ the fight, the unconscious valve Hoorn will certainly be sent out to Skellige, from where he can not interfere with Hattori to carry out his work. This decision will certainly kill 2 birds v one stone and the blacksmith will no longer need protection.


We return with an excellent news to the elf, that has currently begun his favourite work. Together promised, that will create the Witcher a good sword, just he will need to go later. Meditate precisely day and return come the store Hattori. Together a reward because that the job Geralt will obtain a relic steel sword “Blade from the Bits”.

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On this mission, “Swords and also dumplings” in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be thought about complete.