Kaer Morhen, translating to save of the Elder Sea, is the location where old witchers were trained and mutated prior to it to be attacked.

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as hatred roughly witchers grew, a group of fanatics assaulted Kaer Morhen and killed most of the teachers and also students.

This incident resulted in making Geralt of Rivia one of the last witchers alive. The keep remained empty except a few witchers who passed by whenever castle could. The just permanent resident was Vesemir, the critical teacher left alive in the keep.

Given every the background that Kaer Morhen possesses and also the prestige it stop in Geralt’s past, the only herbal that you’d desire to visit the location as shortly as you begin the game. But, unfortunately, you may have to wait prior to that’s possible.

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Reaching Kaer Morhen


If we’re taking things a bit literally, girlfriend actually begin the game in Kaer Morhen together Geralt bring away a nice, warm bath and eventually proceeds to finish the indict by training v Ciri. However, you have no regulate over the progression and will it is in kicked ideal out that Kaer Morhen together the accuse ends.

The means the video game works, friend won’t have the ability to visit Kaer Morhen again until the key plot takes friend there. Geralt will have to proceed to Velen, Skellige, and Novigrad. You’ll have to finish the main quest named “In Ciri’s Footsteps” i m sorry will cause “Ugly Baby”, the pursuit that’ll acquire you to Kaer Morhen.

Unfortunately, if you’re thinking about speedrunning v all the quests to with Kaer Morhen, that won’t really be possible. getting to “Ugly Baby” will certainly take a fair bit of time especially if you’re completing the side searches simultaneously.

Revisiting Kaer Morhen after ‘Ugly Baby’


Once you finish the initial mission and also Kaer Morhen is unlocked, that is pretty an easy to go ago to the region. You can’t yes, really ride to the area, you’ll have to fast travel. The procedure is the very same as quick traveling to any region. you just have to go come the nearest signpost and find Kaer Morhen top top the civilization map and also travel come it.

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That’s pretty much all we had to sheathe in this blog. Gaining to Kaer Morhen is simple, yet you just have to be patient and wait for the best time. For an ext guides and tutorials ~ above the Witcher 3, inspect out our blog to unveil the numerous secrets this game has to offer.