About Come See about Me

"Come See around Me" is a 1964 song taped by the Supremes because that the Motown label. The tune became 3rd of 5 consecutively exit Supremes song to height the Billboard popular music singles chart in the United states (the others space "Where go Our Love Go", "Baby Love", "Stop! In the surname of Love" and also "Back in My arms Again"). It topped the graph twice, non-consecutively, gift toppled by and later replacing the Beatles" "I feel Fine" in December 1964 and January 1965.

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I"ve to be crying, "cause I"m lonely because that youSmiles have all turned come tearsBut tears won"t to wash away the fearsThat you"re never ever gonna returnTo lull the fire that within me burnsIt keeps me crying infant for youKeeps me sighin" baby for youSo won"t friend hurry?Come on boy, see around me(Come see about me)See around you, baby(Come see about me)I"ve given up my friends simply for youMy friends room gone and you have actually tooNo tranquility shall ns findUntil you come ago and be mineNo matter what you carry out or sayI"m gonna love you anywayKeep ~ above crying, baby for youI"m gonna keep sighin", infant for youSo come on, hurryCome on and see about me(Come see about me)See around you, baby(Come see around me)Sometimes up, occasionally downMy life"s for this reason uncertain v you not aroundFrom my arms you perhaps out of reachBut mine heart claims you"re below to keepKeeps me crying, infant for youKeep on, save on crying, infant for youSo won"t you hurry?Come on boy, see about me(Come see about me)See around you, baby(Come see about me)You understand I"m for this reason lonely(Come see about me)I love you only(Come see around me)See around your, baby(Come see around me)

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The Supremes The Supremes was an American female to sing group and the premier act of Motown Records during the 1960s. Originally started as the Primettes in Detroit, Michigan, in 1959, the Supremes" repertoire included doo-wop, pop, soul, Broadway display tunes, psychedelic soul, and also disco. They to be the most commercially effective of Motown"s acts and are, come date, America"s many successful vocal group with 12 number one singles on the Billboard warm 100.

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Most of this hits to be written and also produced by Motown"s main songwriting and production team, Holland–Dozier–Holland. In ~ their top in the mid-1960s, the Supremes rivaled the Beatles in an international popularity, and their success made it feasible for future afri American R&B and also soul musician to discover mainstream succe… an ext »