With a document deal under their belt, Wu-Tang: one American Saga’s Season 2 finale focused on celebrating Wu-Tang’s arrival as a formidable pressure in music.

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The hour, aptly titled “As High as Wu-Tang Get,” opened up on the set of the Clan’s music video clip for “Protect Ya Neck.” Those scenes, which to be mostly shown in black-and-white, felt intimate and authentic — together though we’d stepped earlier in time — together the iconic video (their an initial ever) come together.

Bobby’s creative mind went right to work, turning a adjacent jumping right into a centerpiece for their video and even thinking to behead a fake to make the many of what tiny footage they had actually left to shoot.

In between filming, Ason (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) and also Bobby (RZA) reminisced about their institution days, Sha (Raekwon) thought about how that went from sleeping on the roof in ~ his lowest point to now filming a music video clip right in prior of that exact same building, Gary (GZA) worried about finances because his credit cards were provided to fund the video, and also the group raided wardrobe for cost-free swag.

Bobby learned that Def Jam had readily available $175,000 come sign method Man solo, when both Def Jam and also Elektra were offering $150,000 for Ason. However, Elektra additionally agreed to give Ason property of his music after 20 years, which Bobby thought was the far better deal. The agreed to have Ason sign with Elektra (despite Ason’s childhood dream to go through Def Jam) without consulting him. That led a public struggle on the subway in between the pair, with Ason upset the he wasn’t also given a an option in the matter.

Meanwhile, Steve secured the group a spot opened for Run-DMC in ~ the Jack the Rapper festival. Unfortunately, lock were cut from the lineup as soon as the display ran over. But rather 보다 accept defeat, the Clan accosted the DJ and took the stage to carry out anyway. The bold move worked, and soon, they were everywhere. Your music was anywhere the radio, album sales went up, and it seemed like all that hard work had lastly paid off.

Bobby likewise completed occupational on 5 solo albums, which included Raekwon’s “Only developed 4 Cuban Linx,” GZA’s “Liquid Swords,” method Man’s “Tical,” Inspectah Deck’s untitled album and also ODB’s “Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version.”

Footage that Bobby labeling every floppy disk offered as a clever transition to update on every member: Sha to express his excitement end the group on the verge of punch up, U-GOD was arrested because that violating his probation after travel to Atlanta without permission, Gary obtained props ~ above the street because that putting brand-new York top top the map, an approach Man signed v Def Jam and also Rebel (Inspectah Deck) admired part Wu-Tang graffiti.

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Plus, power was excited that Wu wear (the Clan’s official clothes line which his dad coined) sold out and also made to plan for bigger merch orders, magnificent learned he was expecting a baby v Nia, Ason got hype in ~ a bar and also assaulted the bartender for not serving him easily enough, and also Dennis’ (Ghostface Killah) brothers Darren showed no signs innovation after being placed on brand-new medication.