WWE life ResultsFebruary 20, 2017Los Angeles, CaliforniaCommentary: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey GravesResults by: Mike Tedesco of sommos.net

In storage of George “The Animal” Steele: 1937-2017.

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“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video clip leads us right into the show.

A video highlights the Festival the Friendship. Chris Jericho gave one strange gift after an additional to Kevin Owens, consisting of presenting him v Gillberg. In turn, Owens offered him a new list, only it to be “The perform of KO.” Jericho to be the just name top top the list. Owens then attacked Jericho and beat that mercilessly before throwing him v a television.

Kevin Owens addresses Goldberg and also Chris Jericho

JoJo introduces the WWE universal Champion, Kevin Owens. A spotlight is displayed in the middle of the ring. All various other lights are off. Owens is seated in a steel chair attract a suit. The group boos him and chants, “You suck.” Owens says currently that the spotlight is solely where it belongs, he can answer the question that is top top everyone’s mind: why? Why walk Kevin Owens think he’s going come walk out of Fastlane tho the WWE universal Champion? as soon as he was 15, if someone told the he’d be defending his people title in the main event of a PPV versus Goldberg, he’d have actually told castle they were crazy. A “Goldberg” hymn fires up. Owens always knew he’d it is in a champion and also in the main event, yet it’s crazy who his adversary is. Owens states that chant has complied with Goldberg his entire career. That makes Goldberg think he’s invincible and also people believe the hype. Owens does not believe the hype. He never did, also when he was a kid and Goldberg to be running with everyone in WCW in mere seconds. Goldberg never ever impressed him ever. How about when he beat Brock Lesnar in 1:26? That only happened since Lesnar take it Goldberg lightly and Bill obtained lucky, however that won’t occur to him at Fastlane since he to know what come expect and do. No one thinks he has actually a chance of maintaining his title at Fastlane, however he’ll need to prove anyone wrong yet again. He’ll it is in walking the end of Fastlane still the champion. The factor why is due to the fact that at Fastlane, the doesn’t need to beat Goldberg: he just needs to outlast him. The much longer a Goldberg complement goes, the much more the scale tips in the donate of his opponent. This won’t it is in a 90 second sprint. This is his match. He just has to outsmart Goldberg. Goldberg doesn’t come close come him because he knows just how to beat the game much better than anyone else. Owens claims he waited to be a champion in WWE his entire life. Now that that is, there is nothing the won’t do to keep it that way.

Goldberg states he came back because he wanted to show his wife, son, and also all the kids around the civilization that superheroes quiet exist. Goldberg will not be enabled to usage his title as a prop in his superhero fantasy. In ~ Fastlane, he’ll display him and his son that superheroes don’t exist. Owens it s okay up indigenous his seat and also pushes it to the side prior to standing in the spotlight. Owens states Goldberg is just wasting his time since as much as he’s concerned, “YOU’RE… nothing.”

As far as kris Jericho goes… Owens simply drops the microphone and walks off.

Tonight, we’ll see large Show take it on Braun Strowman. Comes up next, Enzo and also Cass will take top top Cesaro and Sheamus. The winners will come to be the #1 Contenders for the raw Tag Team Titles.

Mike’s Thoughts: That to be a very good promo from Kevin Owens. The match against Goldberg kind of came out of nowhere with no actual drama to the build. Then it was lost in the shuffle v the “Festival of Friendship” last week. Better late than never ever with PPV build, i suppose. Owens certainly ceded on the promo. I likewise like exactly how he carried up chris Jericho just to not say anything at all. Ns really expect Jericho doesn’t expense him the location at Fastlane. Jericho need to be gone for a few weeks at the very least to put over the beating. Now, as for the start of the show, I might literally feel the net burning v fake outrage over Ivan Koloff not gaining a graphic in ~ the beginning of the show. I feel like they’ll have a video of him at some allude or at the very least recognize the tonight. Together for Nicole Bass, i wouldn’t organize my breath.

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Before the enhance begins, Enzo goes through his normal shtick come a big reaction indigenous the crowd. Enzo grabs a sign from a pan of a illustration of a cup that says, “Cuppa Haters.” Enzo says they’re California dreaming if Cesaro and also Sheamus think they’re going to beat them. Big Cass says there’s only one native to explain them: S-A-W-F-T!

#1 Contenders’ enhance – life Tag Team ChampionshipsCesaro and Sheamus vs. Enzo and also Cass

Big Cass starts versus Sheamus. They lock up and tussle to the corner. Sheamus punches far at him before Cass turns him around and unload with some best hands. Cass sends him come the corner, however Sheamus sidesteps an avalanche. Sheamus runs him over v a flying leg. Cass counters the 10 Beats and pulls him into the ring. Cass sends out him right into the ropes, however he lowers his head and eats a kick. Cesaro is tagged in, and they dual clothesline Cass because that a 2 count. Sheamus tags ago in, and also he peppers Cass through strikes. Cass sends out him into the ropes and scoop slams the down. Cass punches far at Sheamus prior to Enzo tag in. Cass throws Enzo into Cesaro prior to throwing him into Sheamus. Enzo goes come the top rope, however Sheamus punches him off to the floor. Cesaro tags in, and also he floors Enzo v a to run uppercut. Cesaro mocks Enzo’s “running man” dance.

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We come earlier from the rest to see Sheamus controlling Enzo. Sheamus takes the down v an ireland Curse Backbreaker before dropping a knee because that a two count. Cesaro tag in. Sheamus access time a roll senton, and also Cesaro instantly follows up with a twin stomp because that a 2 count. Sheamus tags ago in and also punches Enzo. Cesaro sign in, and also Enzo sends him come the floor. Enzo then dumps Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus easily pulls him the end of the ring. Enzo it s okay away and dives for a tag, yet Cesaro uppercuts him the end of mid-air, but Cass division it up! Cesaro dropkicks Cass out of the ring. Cesaro fees Enzo in the corner, but Enzo autumn him down on the turnbuckle.

Cass and Sheamus space tagged in. Cass shoulder blocks him down prior to hitting a fall-away slam. Cass splashes the in the corner and also goes for a big boot, but Sheamus duck it. Cesaro sign in. Cass clotheslines Sheamus the end of the ring. Cesaro uppercuts Cass, but has a whip reversed. Cesaro scales the ropes and hits a cross-body block for a near fall. Cesaro sets up for a Gotch Neutralizer, but Cass ago body drops him. Cesaro floor on his feet and also hits a springboard corkscrew uppercut. Cesaro goes for a swing, yet Enzo jumps top top his back. Cesaro dumps him out of the ring. Cass access time the east River crossing on Cesaro for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Enzo and also Cass

Enzo claims they’re the #1 contenders vice versa, Cesaro and Sheamus are just chicken tenders. Enzo taunts them until Sheamus absolutely annihilates him through a Brogue Kick!

Kevin Owens is go backstage. Mick Foley captures up with him. Owens says he’s leaving. Foley states he can’t leave due to the fact that he has a match versus Sami Zayn. Owens chuckles and says he believed Foley chosen Zayn. Owens tells Foley come be cautious he doesn’t wind up with an ext guys injured 보다 in the locker room.

Mike’s Thoughts: Decent match in between the 2 teams. The chemistry through the team the Cesaro and also Sheamus yes, really is turn off the charts. Enzo continues to it is in an unbelievable attraction top top the mic, however an same unbelievable legal responsibility in the ring. The guy simply never looks great doing anything. The guy have the right to take a hell of a beating though. Sort of amazing that a portion of the crowd turned ~ above Enzo in ~ the end of the match.

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A video clip recaps Bayley’s victory over Charlotte Flair last week to end up being the brand-new RAW Women’s Champion.

Charlotte Flair tweeted this out:

If Bayley is who she claims she is…she will do the best thing. I need she relinquish and Give. Me. Back. Mine Championship! #Raw pic.twitter.com/FsCkjZjKup