Smackdown: here Comes The ache is an all-time an excellent wrestling game. Because it came out in 2003, you more than likely forgot these stars were on the roster.

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In 2003, SmackDown the TV show was suffering a top era, and also with the fall of that year come a beloved entrance in the storied history of pro wrestling video games. Emerged by Yuke’s and also published by THQ, WWE SmackDown! here Comes the Pain to be a game-changer, offering numerous innovations in gameplay.

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Being the it’s a WWE game from the year 2003, the roster for Here come the ache is really much of its time. As a result, there are some yes, really surprising options when it concerns playable wrestlers in the game, consisting of the first-time usage of WWE Legends. Let’s take a look in ~ ten personalities you entirely forgot to be in this classic.

Scott Steiner’s 2002 through 2003 stint with people Wrestling to chat is largely memorable for putting on few of the most poorly got matches of all time.

Fans might be trying come forget the run, yet it has actually been immortalized by virtue of large Poppa Pump being a playable character in below Comes the Pain. He might not have been able to beat Triple H, however if girlfriend play together him in the game, you have actually a 141 2/3 possibility of winning.

SmackDown! right here Comes the Pain presented the elimination Chamber as well as Bra and also Panty Matches for part reason, but there’s no White Boy challenge mode come speak of regardless of Rodney Mack gift on the game’s roster.

It’s a shameful oversight. However, Goldberg is on the game’s roster, for this reason you have the right to do your finest to recreate the best White boy Challenge.

Consider 2003 to it is in the year civilization Wrestling Entertainment an initial realized they might milk nostalgia because that old wrestlers, as below Comes the Pain introduced several WWE Legends as playable characters.

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The Undertaker was currently on the here Comes the pains roster in his American gibberish biker form, yet players who love spooky dudes could also select the standard early ‘90s Undertaker, complete with the large striped tie.

Neither Billy Gunn no one his would-be husband lining Palumbo was in below Comes the Pain, however the game does include their hairstylist, Rico.

Rico had like 4 gimmicks end the 2 years he invested in WWE, controlling Chuck and Billy, teaming with Rikishi, managing 3-Minute Warning, and also finally working as an exotico with a painted face. No issue what he to be doing, he had actually incredible sideburns while he was doing it.

Stevie Richards is in a surprising variety of WWE games, going every the method back to No Mercy. Previously a member the Raven’s Nest and also the Blue civilization Order earlier in ECW, in WWE, Richards most famously led the group Right come Censor.

By the time right here Comes the pains dropped, Richards had actually spent part time proclaiming himself the basic Manager the Sunday Night Heat and also winning a totality lot of Hardcore Titles.

A product the WCW’s strength Plant, Sean O’Haire debuted in WWE in 2001 as part of The Alliance in the company’s intrusion storyline. By the moment he appeared in this video game, Sean O’Haire had adopted and dropped a sinister Devil’s advocate gimmick and was being controlled by Roddy Piper.

Shortly after here Comes the Pain came out, O’Haire would end up in a motorcycle accident, it is in sent earlier to WWE developmental, and also released in 2004.

One that those legends that WWE carts the end every now and again, Hillbilly Jim to be a fun-lovin’ country dude who greatly danced about with kids, wrestled alongside his kayfabe household members, and also rarely walk anything important. He did manage the Godwinns right before the perspective Era started, though.

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Hillbilly Jim seemed to have maintained a great relationship with WWE over the years, showing up as a representative and a organize in various capacities, which surely caused him ending up being one the the WWE Legends the fans can play as in right here Comes the Pain.

Originally a flunkie of kurt Angle alongside Shelton Benjamin, both Benjamin and Charlie Haas damaged away indigenous Angle, creating The World’s greatest Tag Team and also scoring a couple of Tag location wins in the process.

All 3 of those men are in SmackDown! right here Comes the Pain, for this reason fans have the right to recreate their standard matches in the game. They can also put together Haas’ subsequent tag team, as he would certainly go on come team up v Rico.

An absurdly hairy monster male with a eco-friendly tongue, George “The Animal” Steele is more of a dual Dragon boss than a WWE wrestler, but he too mirrors up in SmackDown! right here Comes the ache as one of the playable WWE Legends.

They didn’t carry out a particularly good job calculation his face, but Steele’s human body is saturated hairy. Plus, if you pick him, perhaps he can ultimately win a WWE title.

Ultimo Dragon’s run v WWE is for this reason brief and uneventful the it’s a legitimate shock the he made it into a WWE video clip game.

Better recognized for his time in WCW, wherein he do a couple of video video game appearances, Ultimo Dragon is just one of three masked characters to show up in below Comes the Pain, alongside Rey Mysterio Jr. And The Hurricane. You will do think Kane would be a fourth, but he was currently unmasked at this point.

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