A well-placed GIF to add fun and relatability to social and blog posts. But what if friend can’t find the exact GIF girlfriend need? Make her own, the course!


Whether you’re searching for impetus in YouTube or Imgur, or if desire to convert an sommos.net video into a GIF, we’ve gained you covered. Review on to discover out exactly how you can transform a video to a GIF for all her meme-worthy moments.

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What’s a GIF anyway?


A GIF is a type of image record that deserve to be either still or animated. The the last one that’s many popular. Normally under 5 seconds, GIFs load quickly and look great on websites. They’ve additionally become a shorthand way to connect on Twitter & Facebook, not to mention Instagram Stories.

How to produce a GIF native your very own video

Have your very own funny or insightful video to share? It only takes a minute to rotate it right into a GIF. Here’s exactly how you can make a GIF from your very own videos.

Step 1: Make and also download a video

When you making her video, psychic to save it about 5 seconds. The video below was produced in sommos.net making use of our time controls come make sure it didn’t get too long.

If she looking to create a meme-style GIF, with black bars and text above your video, favor this one, inspect out our post on just how to do a picture video.

Once you’ve developed your video, download it to your computer system or smartphone.

Step 2: convert your video to a GIF

There are several GIF makers provided in this post, and every one of them job-related well. That those, Giphy is probably the most popular. It’s easy to use on either your computer system or mobile device. Friend can add Giphy links to instant messages, email, or Slack, and also it’s easy to embed top top websites.

To convert your video to a GIF in Giphy, click the blue UPLOAD switch in the upper-right-hand edge of Giphy’s website or the environment-friendly plus price in their app. Pick the video clip you want to upload, and you’re done in seconds. If you want to modify your GIF, the app and the website’s GIF maker tools let you trim your video clip and include text, filters, and also stickers.


Step 3: Share her GIF

Once her GIF is ready, share it! Giphy offers you the choice to share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also more. Girlfriend can also copy the link or embed password to include your GIF come emails or embed that on your website.


How to convert a YouTube video clip into a GIF

Step 1: enter a URL

There are number of apps and also websites that’ll let girlfriend turn part a YouTube video clip into a GIF, but for ease of use, we recommend the make a GIF YouTube video converter. It functions well ~ above both desktop and mobile phones and also has a simple, effective interface. Begin at the connect above. Get in your YouTube video’s URL in the room provided, then click the yellow CONTINUE to EDITING switch or just hit your go into key.


Step 2: modify your GIF

The make a GIF website provides you several choices for transforming your video clip into a GIF. You can choose your GIF’s begin time, length, speed, captions, stickers, and more. Girlfriend can likewise choose a title, category, and also keywords to make her GIF an ext search friendly. Once you’re done, just publish your GIF by click the yellow button in the lower-right-hand corner.


Step 3: re-publishing or save your GIF

When did you do it finished her GIF, you have the right to download it, re-publishing a link, or write-up it come a social media site best from the do a GIF website.


How to revolve an Imgur video clip into a GIF

Imgur is a image-and-video sharing social network. Largely used for finding and sharing memes, Imgur allows you create and post initial GIFs or videos as well. The site likewise makes it very easy to convert an Imgur video to GIF format.

Step 1: get in a URL

Imgur provides you v a video clip to GIF page. Cut and paste the URL of the video clip you want, climate hit the go into key. Girlfriend can select a video clip from Imgur itself, or go for a video clip from another site, such together YouTube.


Step 2: Trim your video clip

Once you enter the video URL, you will do it be may be to readjust the begin time for her GIF through tapping the plus authorize beneath the video. You have the right to also add text to your GIF if you’d prefer to. Then click the eco-friendly Create GIF button to end up your GIF.

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Step 3: re-superstructure or save your GIF

Once her GIF is ready, you’ll have the choice to embed your GIF, download it, or share the on Imgur. You have the right to also add a location or summary to help make your GIF an ext searchable.


Other GIF maker apps and also websites

There space a the majority of GIF-to-video tools out there, draft to make it basic to come to be a GIF make expert. Right here are a few of our favorites:

Ready to produce your very own GIF? sommos.net’s easy video clip creator is a an excellent way to get started. Make a quick GIF-ready video, then transform it using one of the tools above. Happy GIF making!