If you are friends through someone top top Facebook, the is not essential that girlfriend would be able to message them through the on facebook Messenger. This is due to the fact that there room probable possibilities that they have actually blocked you from message them on the Messenger. However, to be sure about this, girlfriend can check whether someone has actually blocked you on Messenger or not by following the steps for mobile Phones and for Desktop.

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How to check If Someone has actually Blocked friend on facebook Messenger, From her Phone

Open the Messenger application from your phone. This is just how the screen will appear, when you open the app.Open the on facebook Messenger from your Phone to find your friends come message

You will uncover all her messages here, consisting of the ones indigenous contacts not on your list. Find the ‘search’ bar on the top of the screen, together highlighted through the arrow in the image above. This is whereby you deserve to start inputting the name of the human you want to recognize this info about.Note: Blocking who on Messenger does not hide that human being from her Messenger application list of friends. The person who has blocked you can still appear here also if they have blocked you, but, you will certainly not have the ability to message them.There are two means to open up the chat home window for a girlfriend on Messenger. Girlfriend either click on the chat which appears on the very first window that shows up on the display screen when you open up the App. Or, type the name in the find bar and find your name.Click on your friends’ nameNow, the following image is prior to the friend blocked me. This is exactly how it will appear. The will have actually the message an are active, wherein you type in her message. And, you will additionally see your last seen. This mirrors that they have not blocked.The conversation will appear something choose this before being blockedOn the various other hand, when they block you, this is how your display for a chat on Messenger will look like. You will no longer have actually a an are to form a message, you will not have the ability to see your last checked out on Messenger, and secondary message will show up right in ~ the finish of the display screen saying ‘You Can’t reply to This Conversation’. This way that the friend has actually blocked you.

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If girlfriend haven’t spoken to a friend on facebook Messenger in a long time, that is feasible that they have blocked you. You can follow the procedures as mentioned over to be sure whether they have blocked friend or not.

How to confirm If Someone has Blocked you on on facebook Messenger, From your Desktop

Sign in come your facebook Account from her desktop, and also click top top the Messenger icon, that shows up on the right height side the the screen, as highlighted through the arrowhead in the photo below.OpenMessenger/message icon on on facebook from her DesktopYou will watch a drop-down perform of all the messages and also conversations. Now, here again, girlfriend can accessibility the messaged in two ways. You either click on the conversation because that the girlfriend from this preview of messages or click on ‘See all in Messenger’, which is in the left corner of the very same drop-down list window.All her conversationsWhen you click one the the conversations native the drop-down list showing your conversation, the chat will open up like this.Messaging her friendWrite your article in the empty space for message, and also press enter. As soon as you push enter, your blog post will not be sent, and also a dialogue box will appear which will certainly say ‘This human being isn’t obtainable right now’. This way that the person has blocked you.
Not available right now, method that you have actually been blockedIf you had actually clicked the option for ‘See all in Messenger’, climate this is just how your display screen will appear.See all her conversations in messengerClick ~ above the conversation through the girlfriend for who you desire to confirm whether they have actually blocked you or not. Or kind their surname in the find bar top top the left top side of the screen.If the person has blocked you, you will certainly not see any space to write a message. Instead, you will this written appropriate at the bottom that the page, ‘You cannot answer to this conversation’, i m sorry means, the your friend has blocked you.

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Here, you will certainly not even discover the space tow rite a message. This method that you have been blocked by the user you space trying to call on Messenger

Reasons because that Blocking

The Blocking feature for any app, consisting of Facebook Messenger permits the user come keep world they don’t want to contact from messaging them. This can be a very useful tool, if you occupational through the on facebook Messenger, and have to contact random civilization through the app.