The error “You have to resolve your current index first” wake up in Git and way that over there is a merge conflict and unless you settle the conflict, you will not be enabled to checkout to another branch. This error message also signifies that a merge failed or over there are problems with the files.

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Error: You should resolve your present index first

What space all these files, merges, and also conflicts? these terms will be unknown come you if you space a beginning of the person in using Git. Git is a version control platform which enables several world to work on papers simultaneously and push their neighborhood copy the the password to the one save on computer in the cloud. This means if you change some download (or currently pushed) code and push it again to the cloud, the alters will be overwritten in the cloud by your regional copy.

Git has actually a ide of branches. Over there is a master branch and also several various other branches branch the end from it. This error particularly occurs if you are switching from one branch to one more (using checkout) and there are problems in the documents of the current branch. If they room not resolved, you will certainly not have the ability to switch branches.

What reasons the Git Error: You must resolve your current index first?

Like mentioned before, the causes for this error are quite limited. Girlfriend will suffer this error because:

A merge failed and you need to attend to the unify conflict before moving on with various other tasks.There room conflicts in the files at your present (or target branch) and also because of these conflicts, you will not be able to check out of a branch or push code.

Before you continue with the solution, make sure that you have proper version manage and it is wise to stop various other team members from transforming the code prior to you deal with the conflict.

Solution 1: addressing the unify Conflict

If her merge isn’t immediately resolved by Git, it pipeline the index and the functioning tree in a special state i m sorry helps provide you every the information you need to resolve the merge. The documents which have conflicts will be significant specially in the index and also until you fix the problem and update the index, you will save receiving this error message.

Resolve every the conflicts. Check the files which have disputes as they will be marked by the index and make alters in castle accordingly.After you have actually resolved every the currently conflicts, add the paper and then commit.

An example is:

$ git add file.txt$ git commitYou can include your personal commentary if committing. An example is:

$ git go –m “This is Git repository”After you have resolved the conflict, try checking out of her existing branch and also see if the trouble is fixed.

Solution 2: Reverting her Merge

There are numerous situations where you merge branches and messed up. Since of all the conflicts and also confusion, the task is currently a mess and also your team members are blaming you because that it. In this case, you need to revert previous commit (the merge commit). This will undo the merge entirely and also bring ago the entire project come a state when you no do any merges. This have the right to be a lifesaver if you have actually messed points up beyond repair.

To revert the merge, kind the following:

$ git reset -–mergeThe above command will reset the index and also update the papers in the functioning tree that space different between the ‘commit’ and the ‘head’. However, it will save those files which space different between the index and working tree.

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You have the right to also shot reverting the HEAD by making use of the following command:

$ git revert HEADIf you desire to clues the precise merge commit that you want to revert, you have the right to use the very same revert command but specify extr parameters. The SHA1 hash that the unify commit will be used. The -m adhered to by the 1 shows that we want to store the parent side the the unify (the branch we room merging into). The result of this revert is that Git will create a brand-new commit that rolls earlier the alters from the merge.