“Shining Star” was Earth, Wind & Fire’s first major hit; it is one of their finest hits.While the disco era to be all about having fun and also having a great time, “Shining Star”… review More 

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Yeah, hey, heyWhen you wish upon a starYour dreams will take it you very far, yeahBut as soon as you great upon a dreamLife ain't always what the seems, oh yeahWhat friend seeOn nights so clear, heyIn the skies so really dear, yeah?You're a glowing starNo matter who friend areShining bright to seeWhat you could truly be(What you might truly be)Shining star come right into viewTo shine its watchful irradiate on youGive you strength to lug on, yeahYeah, make your body huge and strong, yeah
Born a man-child of the sun, yeahYeah, saw my work had actually just begunYeah, discovered I had actually to was standing alone, yeahBless the nowI've got my ownOh yeah, five yeahSo, if you discover yourself in needWhy don't girlfriend listenTo this words that heedBe a large or grain of sandWords that wisdomYes, i canYou're a bright starNo issue who you areShining bright come seeWhat you can truly beYou're a glowing starNo matter who you areShining bright to seeWhat you might truly beYou're a bright starNo matter who you areShining bright to seeWhat you can truly be
Shining star because that you to seeWhat your life deserve to truly beShining star because that you to seeWhat your life have the right to truly beShining star for you to seeWhat your life can truly be
“Shining Star” was Earth, Wind & Fire’s very first major hit; it is among their finest hits.

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While the disco era was all about having fun and having a good time, “Shining Star” disclosure a much more distinct confident message during the 1970s, expressing to your listeners that they have the potential to it is in anyone they desire to be.

The single topped Billboard’s hot 100 and Billboard’s hot Soul Singles graph in might 1975. It sold over a million copies. It additionally won a Grammy Award for “Best R&B Performace by a Duo or group with Vocals” in 1976.

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