"You really Think who Would carry out That? simply Go ~ above the Internet and also Tell Lies?" is a rhetorical question used sarcastically come mock an additional internet user"s gullibility.

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The expression originated in Season 9, episode 2 “Buster the legend Maker” from the children’s man television present Arthur, initially aired on April 7th, 2005.<1> In the episode, the character Arthur informs his girlfriend Buster the he may have actually been analysis fabricated details on the Internet, come which Buster responds with the quote in shock and also disbelief (shown below).

"You yes, really think who would execute that? simply go on the Internet and also tell lies?"

On July 21st, 2011, Tumblr<8> user meowie posted a screen capture of Buster from the Arthur scene through the subtitle "You yes, really think someone would do that, simply go on the Internet and tell lies?" The post recieved more than 29,000 note in much less than 10 year (shown below)



On respectable 13th, 2011, the picture was uploaded come the /r/pics<7> subreddit, where it accumulated an ext than 1,900 up votes and 30 comment in the first year.

On January 19th, 2012, a computer reaction image featuring the Yaranaika face and also Buster"s quote native Arthur was submitted come the net humor website FunnyJunk,<2> which included two panels add by the inscription "You yes, really think someone would carry out that? / just go on the internet and tell lies?" (shown below).


On July 21st, YouTuber MrPooprscooper uploaded an edited version of the Arthur scene, i m sorry zooms in top top Buster"s face while playing the tune "O Fortuna" composed by Carl Orff (shown below, left). Numerous days later on July 24th, YouTuber RedBanMedia uploaded a resource Filmmaker video clip featuring the Sniper personality from the shooter video clip game Team Fortress 2 dubbed with Buster"s lines indigenous the Arthur scene (shown below, right)

On respectable 6th, Redditor SolKool it is registered a cinemagraph come the /r/gifs<5> subreddit, featuring a male wearing facepaint who all of sudden turns towards the camera through the inscription "Just walk on the Internet and also tell lies?" (shown below).


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