First one apology for every the summer squash. Us planted 2/3rds as numerous plants and seem to be harvesting double as numerous squash! sometimes the weather has an ext of an effect on manufacturing than us farmers do. Hopefully you room enjoying it. If you don’t know around spiralizers you could want to invest in one. The is a cool way to make noodles and ribbons out of veggies. Pasta sauce on zucchini noodles is delicious! In addition our net site has actually a number of recipes on the plus ours Pinterest page has actually links to even more. Though I have actually never made them I’ve heard good things around zucchini pickles. Anyone treatment to share their recipe?

Other than an overload of squash the season appears to it is in going far better than expected. The rain we received last main was an extremely timely and came without any nasty side-effects (like hail, strong winds, etc.) The fields were beginning to gain a bit on the dry side and we newly transplanted the autumn vegies. That course through the an excellent growing weather and also timely rain we room struggling to keep up with the weeds. I was around to create “we space struggling to stay ahead that the weeds” however realistically we are not ahead of them. They it seems ~ to have the upper hand. Not to fear though. We room making stable progress and hope come be caught up by the end of the main (which is what I will write every week till the finish of August).

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As the season progresses us wind under on part veggies and also ramp up on others. The lettuce, peas, radishes and also bok choi room history. These every grow finest in cooler weather, other we’ve viewed very tiny of this season. Meanwhile we are ramping increase on cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and also most important tomatoes and also potatoes — 2 of the most favorite summer veggies! despite cabbage. Broccoli and cauliflower space cool season tree we regulate to flourish them throughout this time. The first planting the broccoli was marginal in my opinion. The 2nd planting, i beg your pardon is what we space just beginning to harvest (overlapping through the end of the an initial crop), looks much better and bigger. Both though seem to it is in tasty.

What will certainly we have this week?  Tomatoes! Potatoes! Cabbage, kale, kohlrabi (this is the critical week), summer squash, zucchini, environment-friendly onions, red onions, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplants, the critical of the peas, and also some odds and ends of various other things.

The potatoes we are offering out this week room dark red norlands. Us harvested these as “new potatoes” which are potatoes that room harvested prior to they are completely mature. The skin of true new potatoes are rather thin and easily damaged therefore don’t be alarmed if the skins look a little frayed.

We have a bunch of various varieties the tomatoes many of which space heirlooms. Many are no red when ripe. Some are green, some room yellow, some space striped, some are purple, some have eco-friendly shoulders. The point is that waiting because that the tomato to rotate red might not work. To tell if a tomato is ripe squeeze that slightly. The much more it offers the riper the tomato. You re welcome don’t squeeze the tomato in the tent when you choose up her produce. If everyone squeezed the tomato they left behind we’d be giving out tomato sauce. So manage them gently like you’d desire your tomato handled. And also for shipment please allow us know if the tomatoes execute not arrive in a usable fashion. We try to pack the box carefully however sometimes during shipment we take it a rotate too high solution or slam top top the brakes (no us don’t but you obtain the picture) and the tomatoes might be jostled. We’d choose to understand if there are any type of problems so us can figure out a far better solution.

There is CoffeeShare and also FlowerShare this week. No various other add-on shares.

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As always, you re welcome let me understand if you have any kind of questions, comments, suggestions, complaints or recipes for squash.