After cops beat my father to death, i wreaked destruction on my community.Three decades later, ns wonder what my story would have actually been if he had actually lived.
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when I hear family names like George Floyd, Walter Scott and Alton Sterling, i don’t floor on the grisly videos of their killings or the fates the the police officers who finished their lives.


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I think around their children.

Police murdered my dad three years ago, when I to be 8. Together his son, I know firsthand just how losing a parent this way can derail a family members for generations. I can still view these deaths with the eyes of the youngest victims.

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I thrived up in north Charleston, southern Carolina, in the 1970s. Ago then, in the projects known as George Legare, our ar was tight-knit. If there to be hungry kids in the area, mine mother and also great-grandmother fed them.

Ours to be a human being of contradictions. We witnessed violence every work on the streets, however we to be protected. If the grown-ups were conducting organization inside — legitimate or otherwise — we children went outside. We would certainly come earlier in once they were done.

My father went to prison for dealing drugs as soon as I was an extremely small. I have vague memory of visiting him and also being terrified. He to be huge! bigger than life, and also twice as loud.

The very first time I witnessed him in prison, i wouldn’t go to him. He left the visiting room, can not to take care of his disappointment. Yet my mommy was committed to helping my sister and me love our father, therefore she kept bringing us back.

After prison, dad go his ideal to make up for lost time. My sister and also I spent every weekend through him, and also some weeknights, after our homework to be done. He to be a love father; firm, yet willing to gain down top top his knees to wrestle v me. I loved those moments ideal of all.

My father to be a renowned member that the regional Black Panther Party, and he frequently took us through him as soon as he entered the roads to help our community. We observed our dad together the large man in the neighborhood. Our Superman. He’d say come the guys on the streets, “If you’re gonna market drugs, make sure you invest earlier into the communities. Execute what you’re gonna do, but do it v respect.”

And climate it happened.

One night, once I was 8 years old, a bunch of human being started showing up at mine house. Too countless people, to be all ns knew at first. Climate I experienced my mom and sister sobbing. I noticed that even the men — difficult men raised to present no emotions — had actually tears in their eyes.

When my mom spotted me, she choose me up and said the indigenous that adjusted me forever: “They eliminated your dad.” There was no require to specify “they.” They were the police.

Here’s the story ns heard: Dad to be sitting top top the curb through his friends when two White cops come wanting to search everyone. They knew that my dad was and also what that was known for: neighborhood organizing and petty drug sales. In his big, deep voice, mine dad told the cops no, the they had actually no reason to find him and his friends.

A scuffle ensued. The police to be able to cuff several of the guys, however not my dad. The cops referred to as for backup, and with the help of two an ext officers, castle beat my father right into submission. Castle wrestled him right into handcuffs, climate shoved him right into the car.

The police left ours neighborhood and also pulled over in another. Castle yanked my dad the end of the car and also beat the again. At the ar jail, my dad told anyone who could hear him that his head hurt, however no one listened.

He at some point collapsed, and never woke up again.

Newspaper articles about my father’s death tell a various story. When the headlines suggest out that my dad to be the third man to dice in police custody in a five-week period, the articles themselves downplay how he to be beaten. It was a seizure, public official said. A fall. A freak accident.

In an short article published in the write-up & Courier, the coroner was quoted as saying, “Fields has actually a long medical history, including troubles with high blood pressure and also drug withdrawal. Autopsy tests for the visibility of drugs in the mechanism are not complete.” The implication was that my father was at fault for his very own death.

We can not say v 100% accuracy what happened. This to be decades before police-worn human body cameras and cell phones. My mommy filed a wrongful death lawsuit based on the stories we heard, however nothing come of it.

I know what ns believed, though: The police eliminated my father. My Superman.

And if they can do that, your rules didn’t issue to me anymore. No one’s rules did. Ns hated them all. Specifically White people.

I invested the following decade wreaking destruction in my community. I stopped going come school. I lied. Ns stole. My friends and also I beat up White student leaving local college campuses for the straightforward pleasure the hurting them.

My fury was unchecked. Septic. Eventually, I eliminated someone and also spent 17 years in prison. It to be an accident, however I live with what i did every day.

And while my three kids were lucky to have a remarkable mother to overview them, I, like so numerous Black fathers, was gone.

It took me a long time to face the pains of losing my dad. In prison, I began doing the work that would eventually allow me to become a fertile member that society. I took classes, mentored other prisoners and learned exactly how to really listen. I additionally realized that if I want to acquire out that prison and live the life ns wanted, I had to work-related within the boundaries of the mechanism I spent most of my life reasoning betrayed me. I’ve only recently been may be to to trust White people again. That procedure began v a woman at a neighborhood re-entry program who verified me unconditional support.

I don’t understand what my life story would have been if cops hadn’t killed my Superman. But I don’t think i would have grown up with such distorted views around society, White people and also police.

Any killing has actually ripple effects. A solitary death in ~ the hand of law enforcement deserve to influence whole population’s view of those tasked with protecting them. Particularly if you a child prefer I was.

I think around George Floyd’s five children, especially Gianna, that was only 6 as soon as her dad to be murdered. Ns think that Walter Scott’s four and also Alton Sterling’s five. Us don’t know just how their fathers’ killings have changed their lives. Their stories space still gift written.

Aulzue “Blue” areas serves as implementation specialist of transforming Leaf, a Charleston, southern Carolina, non-profit organization committed to developing a post-prison path to success for males at the greatest risk that re-arrest. As the an initial graduate of the routine hired come the staff, Blue mentors men recently released from incarceration. Three years ~ his relax from prison, he remains sober and also without re-offending.

Leah Rhyne is the director of communications at transforming Leaf.

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