This is a difficulty that’s been happening since YouTube came to be popular however recently there’s to be a surge of complaints about YouTube videos lagging behind the sound.

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There space a couple of fixes because that this problem and by the finish of this article, girlfriend should have the ability to watch your YouTube videos with peace.

Here’s the scenario…

You’re the town hall a video on YouTube and also a few minutes into the videos, you notice that the video clip starts freezing and buffering etc. However, you notice that the audio is tho playing.

You then try to rewind the video clip to see if the video clip and audio will sync, however instead, the exact same thing happens a few seconds later on or the video clip starts to buffer if no sound play in ~ all.

1. The factor YouTube Videos Freeze

There are really only two reasons why YouTube videos space going to frozen while the audio continues to beat in the background.

Make certain you consider both the these choices because it could be either among them.

The very first reason why she going to have concerns when watching videos ~ above YouTube is because of the top quality you’re streaming the at.

You have to make certain that you’re streaming her YouTube videos at an suitable resolution to ensure the you nothing have any bad experiences while watching them.

The 2nd reason why YouTube is walk to store freezing, which likewise links come the an initial reason, is because of your web connection.

Your internet link is a vast factor which contributes come why she going to have worries with YouTube.

2. Update the Page

The first thing you must do is come refresh the page.

This is going come reload the page and also potentially remove errors that’ causing the YouTube video clip to freeze.

Sometimes there have the right to be errors as soon as loading a page which might stop a couple of things on the webpage to stop working.

After did you do it refreshed the page, you’ll need to watch the video again to watch if the video runs smoothly.

If you discovered that the video is the buffering, go to the next step.

3. Adjust the Resolution of the Video


The following step to take that would certainly be most likely to solve this difficulty is to reduced the resolution.

This means that you’ll be able to stream the videos an ext easily because your internet connection plainly can’t handle the higher resolution girlfriend were already streaming the video clip at.

The main reason why her YouTube video will freeze is due to the fact that your net speed isn’t able come stream videos the high resolution.

When you pack a video, YouTube automatically loads the video clip at a certain resolution based upon the quality of your internet connection.

If you notice that YouTube loads every video on a low resolution rather of the high resolution such as 360p instead of 4K, the probably due to the fact that the quality of your net speed won’t be able to stream videos with a better quality.

So, once you shot and clock a video with a reduced resolution, you’ll an alert that you’ll suffer no concern with the videos or the audio not being synced.

To reduced the resolution:

Click top top the settings iconClick on qualityEither click auto, 360p or 480p

If you to be on a resolution that was high, either lower the top quality or click Auto.

This will make certain that the quality of your web speed can stream the videos there is no it buffering because the top quality isn’t too high.

If you want to clock videos at a greater resolution however you still don’t desire it to freeze, walk to the next step.

4. Examine the quality of internet Speed


If you desire an alternate option that still allows you to clock videos in ~ a greater resolution, you’ll should make sure that you have actually a good internet connection.

Sometimes there might be a trouble that stops your router or modem indigenous connecting come the web which could influence the means you stream videos.

The best way to try and fix this trouble is to disconnect native the network and reconnect again.

If you uncover that the internet is quiet lagging, you’ll must restart the router, so it can shot and attach to the web properly.

If you know that you generally have a slower internet connection, there’s no means to deal with this personally from acquiring a far better ISP and a far better router.

5. Use a different Browser

If you’re using your desktop, girlfriend can try and watch the video on an additional browser and also see if this helps the problem.

If you’re using chrome, you can shot switching to one more browser such as web explorer.

If you’re using the YouTube app, girlfriend can shot and clean the apps cache in her settings.

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If you nothing have accessibility to this, re-installing the YouTube app will clear the cache papers automatically.