Yu-Gi-Oh!: Every Kaiba Duel native The fight City Arc, Ranked Kaiba has quite a couple of duels in Yu-Gi-Oh"s battle City arc, and also most of them are super funny to watch. However, some rise over the rest.

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Kaiba and Yugi in Dark side of dimensions Yu-Gi-Oh!
it is commonly regarded amongst fans that the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime the the Battle City arc is just one of the finest in the series. That isn"t a huge filler mess, it breakthroughs the plot, and also the Egyptian God Cards make their first appearance to really spice things up. Everyone is on your A-game because that this arc, consisting of Seto Kaiba.

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Kaiba has quite a few duels in this season, and also most that them are super funny to watch. However, some rise over the rest, with one being among the most iconic in the entire series. This list starts turn off pretty humbly, v a duel that many fans might not also remember taking place.

Obelisk The Tormentor against Marik in Yu-Gi-Oh!
Kaiba"s duel with Koji Nagumo is nothing more than a chance for him come test out his brand-new pillar the Tormentor card. Mokuba stumbles ~ above Koji, who is breaking the rules of fight City by browsing through his opponent"s deck for additional cards to take. Kaiba obstacles him to a duel as a result, and also somehow summons column the very first turn and also obliterates the bad guy. Sure, the duel didn"t make any kind of logical sense, but it was more about the power that was now flowing v Kaiba with his new card. He definitely gave the monster a pretty an excellent entrance.

Marik's rare hunters in Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yugi and Kaiba actually have actually two tag duels in this arc, yet the first one is pretty comparable to his duel with Koji. Actually adhering to the rule this time, Kaiba still summons his tower the Tormentor exceptionally quickly, and while Yugi is off setting up a cute small Kuriboh combo, Kaiba provides a Fist of fury or 2 to take under their opponents prior to they even had a possibility to counterattack.

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This is yet one more duel the really wasn"t every that relevant in the grand plan of things. Below is where things actually start to matter.

Ishizu Ishtar Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling Kaiba
Ishizu duels Kaiba throughout the fight City Finals, and also her necklace notifies her that she"s going to win the duel and go on to face off versus the likes of Yugi and also Marik. She has planted a bomb within of pillar that will go off once it attacks, winning she the duel. However, the Millennium Rod interferes through fate and also tells Kaiba to use Blue-Eyes instead. While he isn"t quite sure as to why that does so, that listens. This end up gift the correct call, as he wins this way. This duel to be interesting as result of Ishizu"s Millennium item, yet there isn"t that lot action.

4 The Four-Way Duel

YuGiOh Yami Marik
The four-way duel is exactly how the last four duelists in the battle City Finals decide what stimulate they"ll be completing in. Transparent this duel, anyone has different motives. Kaiba desires to go against Yugi to win Slifer prior to facing off versus Ra. Yugi desires to take it on Marik, and Joey desires to do the same. Marik just wants to cause problems.

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While this duel is fun because of everyone"s different goals, together no one is eliminated throughout this duel, that doesn"t really have actually the stakes the the rest of battle City has, which leader to the somewhat lower ranking ~ above this list,

Joey and also Kaiba confront off for third place in ~ Joey"s request, which Kaiba obliges to rather begrudgingly. While Joey just wants to have actually a friendly duel, Kaiba is, as one would expect, out for blood. Joey does control to host his very own for a while, however Kaiba does finish up acquisition him down. When it was nice seeing these 2 duel as soon as more, the outcome had actually absolutely no impact on the yes, really plot save for riling increase Joey.

2 Lumis & Umbra

Lumis and Umbra room Rare Hunters that are sent out to loss Yugi and Kaiba in a shadow duel in which the losers will autumn through the roof that the structure that they"re standing on and, not autumn to your deaths, but fall into the shadow Realm. Certain 4kids, sure. While Lumis and also Umbra do control to take it the lead, as soon as Kaiba starts to trust Yugi and also work v him quite than against him, the duo conveniently manages to take it earlier and win the duel. This can be the 2nd place duel on the list, yet it doesn"t even come near to poignant the No. 1 spot.

Yugi and also Kaiba face off in the fight City Finals, both equipped with their own God Card. This duel is just... It"s great. The two profession blow because that blow, not a single turn is wasted. They invest their transforms weakening one another"s God Cards prior to the various other whips out a shocking trap card that entirely flips the other"s plan on your head. And also this goes on for like, 600 turns in the best means possible. Over there is never ever a clear victor in this duel, and both duelists regulate to cave on through a thread every single turn prior to Yugi right manages to edge Kaiba out and also take the success to walk on and face Marik in the final battle. This duel is yes, really one for the ages. Without a doubt, this is the best duel from Kaiba in fight City.

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